Friday, 1 June 2012

iPhone 5 Rumor: Video Puts New iPhone’s Size In Perspective

iPhone 5 Rumor: Video Puts New iPhone’s Size In PerspectiveAs you have no doubt heard by now, it looks like the new iPhone is going to be a bit bigger than its predecessors. The rumors have been circulating for ages, but the first confirmation appeared a couple weeks ago. Earlier this week, an image surface that appeared to show the new iPhone’s rear case, followed very quickly by even more images.

This second set of images – along with a schematic that surfaced around the same time – showed the new iPhone’s front panel as well, complete with a larger display and relocated FaceTime camera.

All of these images, though, have raised a very important question: just how big is the new iPhone going to be compared to the iPhone 4S? The front panel image and schematic showed a screen that was just shy of 4-inches on the diagonal, roughly half an inch bigger than the 3.5-inch screen on every iPhone since the original in 2007. But still, it’s can be hard to get a good idea of just what that looks like in comparison to the iPhone 4S. Fortunately, the Japanese site Macokatara (Google Translation) seem to have gotten their hands on one of the front panels, or at least a mockup of one. They took some video of the new iPhone’s front panel alongside the iPhone 4S.

Assuming the front panel they’re using is accurate, it looks like the new iPhone will be about half an inch taller and maybe just a bit wider than the iPhone 4S. Check out the video for yourself below:

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