Monday, 28 May 2012

Absinthe 2.0: How to Jailbreak Your iPhone

                         The steps to breaking free from Apple's iOS 5.1.1

Absinthe 2.0: How to Jailbreak Your iPhoneiPhone, iPad, and iPod users who want to use their devices more freely have always been in a race with Apple to keep ahead of updates. Because of that, the release this week of Absinthe 2.0 was exciting news for the Apple hacker community.

Absinthe 2.0 is the jailbreak for Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 5.1.1. It was released during a presentation by a “dream team” of Apple crackers in Amsterdam. The team is already working to crack Apple’s upcoming iOS 6, scheduled to release along with the new iPhone this fall.

Those who have been jail-breaking their Apple devices for a while will know how to use Absinthe to jailbreak their iPhone or iPad,. However, Apple is still seeing increasing sales, and many new users do not have experience freeing-up their new toys. Luckily, Absinthe is one of the easiest tools to use when jail-breaking an Apple device.

First, users should make a back-up of their phone using iTunes, just in case something goes wrong. This can be done by going into the “Devices” menu in iTunes and right-clicking on the device, which reveals the “Back Up” option.

Next, users should navigate to the “Settings” iTunes menu and find the “Reset” option inside the “General” options. There, an option to “Erase all Content and Settings” should be used to wipe the device clean.

After that, start up Absinthe 2.0 (actually 2.0.1 now – the software has already been updated) and click on “Jailbreak.” The process may take a while, but users should be sure not to disconnect the device from its USB connection to their computer.

Once the process has finished, users can restore their settings, apps, and files by right-clicking the device in iTunes and using the “Restore from Back Up” option.

That’s it. It’s a very simple process that gives Apple users extra freedom and functionality on their devices. Users of jail-broken Apple devices can enjoy extra features and customization, while still utilizing essential iOS elements such as the App Store and voice calls. Keep in mind, though, that Apple believes jail-breaking your device will void your warranty.

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