Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Apple Buys Music Editing Company Redmatica

Apple Buys Music Editing Company RedmaticaEarlier this morning we told you about Apple CEO Tim Cook’s comments on Apple’s focus on secrecy. He insisted on the importance of maintaining secrecy when it comes to Apple’s products, and noted that such secrecy includes not publicizing the acquisition of new companies. He said that while Apple purchases other companies regularly, “if I don’t have to [tell you about it] I don’t.”

Well, fresh on the heels of that statement comes news that Apple appears to have made just such a purchase. According to Italian website Fanpage (Google Translation), Apple has acquired Redmatica, a small company based in Correggio, Italy that specializes in advanced audio editing software, including one program designed to work with Apple’s GarageBand for Mac and iOS.

It is, of course, not yet clear what Apple intends to do with Redmatica’s products and employees. They’ll most likely be folded into the team behind Apple’s own professional sound editing software, Logic Pro.

Requests for comment sent to Apple and Redmatica have not received a reply as yet (though, to be fair, it’s currently 10 PM in Italy). However Fanpage did manage to track down an extract from The Bulletin dated May 28th that appears to confirm the purchase:

Apple Buys Redmatica

The excerpt, of course, is in Italian. Here’s how it goes in English (the first footnote points out that Apple’s fiscal year ends on September 30, while the second says that certain confidential information has been omitted):

Under the provisions of the contract “Asset Purchase Agreement Relating to the business as an ongoing concern of Redmatica S.r.l.” (hereinafter the Agreement) with the present operation, Apple intends to acquire, through a transfer of assets, the business Redmatica. Pursuant to the Agreement previso from some non-essential assets (defined as the “Excluded Assets”) of Redmatica S.r.l. will be excluded from the scope of the acquisition. By way of example, are among the Excluded Assets some credits and debts, the company cars …

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