Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Foxconn Begins Apple iTV Production Trials [RUMOR]

                                  Possible trial production stage commences

It was recently reported by China Daily that Foxconn is investing $210 million into building a new production line in Huai’an City, China. Foxconn plants, known for various questionable practices including employing underage workers, while underpaying and likewise overcharging employees to live in on-site dorms, prompting strikes and mass-suicidal behavior. Now Chinese news site Sina reports that Foxconn is now taking orders for Apple’s TV platform, tentatively called iTV. No word on whether the TV might be manufactured in the new facility.

Below is a mockup of Apple’s iTV:

apple itv

The report states that the iTV “trial production stage” at Foxconn, regardless of Foxconn’s CEO denying that the company will be producing the device earlier in the month. The Apple TV is rumored to look similar to Apple’s present lot of LED Cinema Displays, though larger. It is also rumored that the TVs will feature Siri integration, a built-in iSight camera that will allow for FaceTime calls and AirPlay integration.

It’s been previously reported that the iTV would launch later this year, though some expect it to launch in sometime in 2014. Still, there has been specualtion that Apple might make an official announcement regarding the device in December.

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