Saturday, 2 June 2012

iOS 6 To Include All New Versions Of Apple’s Apps

iOS 6 To Include All New Versions Of Apple’s AppsAs WWDC 2012 approaches with its (presumed) unveiling of iOS 6, more information is starting to emerge about what sort of features the latest version of iOS will include. We’ve already told you about the coming update to the Maps app. New information has surfaced now suggesting that the rest of Apple’s stock apps will be getting significant updates as well.

According to iDownloadBlog, a “credible source” has revealed that all of Apple’s built-in iOS apps have been completely rewritten to add numerous new features. The source cautions, though, that the overall look and feel of iOS will remain unchanged. The home screen, for example, will remain unchanged. The source also said that as far as the Maps update is concerned, the cat is completely out of the bag: there aren’t any new features that weren’t included in the leaked information.

The big changes will come in the stock apps. The Camera and Photos apps will be getting some new features, and iOS 6 as a whole may be getting some additional goodies. Unfortunately, the source didn’t go into very many specifics, though he did hint at something particularly good coming for those who will run iOS 6 on the new iPad. The source also deliberately avoided answering questions about iOS 6′s multitasking, which may suggest that the feature will be getting a much-needed update.

Assuming this source is accurate, then it seems that iOS 6 will be a pretty significant upgrade over iOS 5, which was itself one of the biggest upgrades Apple has made to the iOS platform. All in all, it seems like quite a lot to be excited about.

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