Wednesday, 30 May 2012

iPhone 5 Rumor: Schematic Confirms Front Panel Redesign

iPhone 5 Rumor: Schematic Confirms Front Panel RedesignIt looks like all the rumors circulating about the new iPhone’s redesign may have a bit more confirmation today. Yesterday we reported on images that had surfaced purporting to show the back casing of the new iPhone. These images appeared to confirm rumors that the new iPhone would be getting a metallic rear panel and a larger display.

Included in those images was one that showed the new iPhone’s front glass alongside the rear panel. Today, Japanese site iLab (Google Translation) has published another image that may offer some confirmation. This image is not, unfortunately, an actual component. Instead it is a schematic that appears to show details about the new iPhone’s front panel. Unfortunately the words have been blurred out, so all we have is the actual design image.

 Check it out for yourself below (click to enlarge):

iPhone 5 Front Panel Schematic

For comparison, here’s the image from yesterday that shows the front panel alongside the rear panel:

New iPhone 5 Images

Today’s image is completely consistent with yesterdays. It shows a taller (but not wider) display, and the front camera centered above the phone’s earpiece. Of course, just as with yesterday’s images, this could well be a fake. It could even, conceivably, be a fake inspired by yesterday’s images. If it’s genuine, though, it looks like we’ve already got a pretty good idea of what the next iPhone is going to look like. What remains to be seen now is what new goodies Apple will manage to cram into this larger case.

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