Thursday, 31 May 2012

iPhone 5 Rumor: iOS 6 Beta Hints At Hardware Upgrades

Rumors about the new iPhone have been coming fast and furious over the last two weeks, and the torrent doesn’t appear to be slowing. Yesterday we brought you a report of a schematic drawing that appeared to confirm earlier reports of the new iPhone’s redesign.
iPhone 5 Rumor: iOS 6 Beta Hints At Hardware Upgrades

Previously most of the new information focused on the external details – screen size, case composition, etc. Now, though, new information has surfaced that offers some insights into what Apple will be putting inside that redesigned shell. According to information obtained by 9to5Mac, the new iPhone will be getting several internal upgrades, including more RAM, an improved GPU, and an improved processor.

The information was obtained by digging into a beta version of iOS 6, which is currently undergoing internal testing at Apple, and will probably be unveiled next month at WWDC 2012. According to data contained in the OS, the new iPhone will have an ARM S5L8950X processor. Exact details of the processor itself are unclear, though it’s a fair bet that it will have something like the upgraded 32nm processor in recent the more recent iPad 2 model. The GPU will also be getting an upgrade, possibly similar to that found in the new iPad. The data also suggests that the iPhone will be getting 1GB of RAM to match the new iPad.

According to the source, iOS 6 is at a fairly advanced stage of development, meaning that it should be ready in plenty of time for the expected October release of the new iPhone.

The source also offered some further info about the new iOS Maps app, including a redacted image of the app itself, which you can see below:

iOS 6 Maps

If this information is accurate, then it looks like the new iPhone will be getting some pretty significant hardware upgrades. With WWDC 2012 coming soon, developer betas of iOS 6 may begin to be distributed within the month. When that happens, expect more information about the new iPhone to surface as developers dig through the code.

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