Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Why did Apple hire Adobe CTO Kevin Lynch?

Just hours when word leaked that Apple had stewed Adobe's chief technology officer, the net is ablaze with the question of what, exactly, the iPhone maker plans to try and do with Kevin lynch.

Kevin Lynch

Lynch is especially fascinating as an government selection for Apple as a result of his shut association with Adobe Flash, a product he infamously clashed with Apple over, starting in 2010. 

Tensions between the 2 firms grew, notably when the iPad appeared with none support for it, followed by a devastating essay written by Steve Jobs that attacked Flash from multiple angles, as well as its performance, impact on battery life, its faulty security record, its degree of openness as a technology, and even its core price to the net, given the big library of iOS apps and superior alternatives to delivering video and animations on the net that existed by then.

Lynch stanchly defended Flash, accusatory Apple of promoting a philosophy "counter" to the net and one that may need developers to focus on multiple platforms, instead of writing to a typical 'run anywhere' platform like Flash.

He touted the partnerships Adobe had lined up, stating at the time that "all the innovation returning from all those firms can dwarf what is returning from the one company that won't collaborating."

Instead, Apple's iOS juggernaut did the dwarfing, obscurant the marketplace for Flash therefore speedily that even Adobe's shut ally Google abandoned support for the middleware on humanoid simply 2 years when promoting Flash Player as a serious differentiating feature of its new devices.

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