Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Evasi0n jailbreak foiled by iOS 6.1.3

Apple's latest iOS update puts the whammy on the popular break tool, therefore Evasi0n users can most likely need to stick with iOS 6.1.2.

Evasi0n has been foiled by iOS 6.1.3 -- at least for now.

Apple has finally managed to require out the Evasi0n jailbreak.

Released yesterday, iOS 6.1.3 fixes a security bug that allowed somebody to sneak pass the lock screen and build phone calls, hear voice mail, and consider contact photos.

But the update additionally patched several holes that evasi0n exploited to perform associate degree untethered jailbreak on all iOS devices, together with the latest iPhone, iPad, and iPod bit. Users United Nations agency upgrade to iOS half-dozen.1.3 can now not be able to use evasi0n to jailbreak their devices. And once on half-dozen.1.3, newer Apple devices cannot be downgraded to a previous iOS version.

But the news is not all bad for the jailbreaking community.

Older Apple devices battery-powered by an A4 or earlier processor can still be hacked using the newest version of Redsnow, consistent with Redmond Pie. Those embrace such merchandise because the iPhone four, the iPhone 3GS, and therefore the fourth-generation iPod touch. The draw back here is that the jailbreak may be a bound one. thus if your mobile device powers down, you will need to reconnect it to your pc to run the jailbreak once more.

In its unleash notes for iOS 6.1.3, Apple really credited the Evasion team, called the evaders, for uncovering four of the safety holes that were patched.

News that the most recent iOS update puts the stop on Evasion is not a complete surprise. A beta of iOS 6.1.3 released late last month reportedly took down the jailbreaking tool.

Evasion place up a decent fight. The tool survived and thrived through iOS 6.1.1 and 6.1.2 before being felled by yesterday's update.

Evasion tried to be perhaps the foremost common iOS jailbreak ever released. Following its debut in early february, the tool was downloaded almost seven million times in less than a week.

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