Thursday, 7 June 2012

WWDC 2012: Mac Pro To Get A Much-Needed Update

WWDC 2012: Mac Pro To Get A Much-Needed UpdateYesterday we brought you news that Apple was planning major updates to four of its five Mac computer lines. Previous rumors have predicted updates for three lines, the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iMac, all of which are expected to get retina displays. Yesterday’s news that a fourth line would be getting an update came as a welcome surprise. It also, however, raised an important question: which of the two remaining lines – the Mac Mini and Mac Pro – would be getting the update.

While 9to5Mac, who originally reported the rumors, guessed it would be the Mac Mini, I suggested it would be the Mac Pro instead. The Mac Pro is in far worse need of an update, the Mac Mini having gotten a boost in specs last year. Also, though the Mac Pro isn’t the best selling of Macs, it is effectively the workhorse of the Mac family, and is extremely popular among iOS and OS X developers, who need the Mac Pro’s beefed up capabilities to create their software.

That speculation appears to have been confirmed today. Citing “reliable sources,” 9to5Mac is now reporting that it will in fact be the Mac Pro that gets an update. Little is known about the feature set of the new Mac Pro, but their source claims that the price points will stay roughly the same as the current Mac Pro, and that it will come in three basic configurations.

This will come as welcome news to fans of the Mac Pro, who had begun to despair of ever seeing it get an update. A Facebook petition calling on Apple to update the Mac Pro was started earlier this month has reached nearly 18,000 likes. If this information is correct, it looks like these fans will be getting their wish.

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