Tuesday, 5 June 2012

MacBook Pro Only Getting A Minor Update?

MacBook Pro Only Getting A Minor Update?
Just a little while ago we brought you news that Apple would be announcing major updates to nearly all of its Mac lines at this year’s WWDC 2012 keynote. Now, though, new information has appeared that may cast doubt on those rumors.

An image appeared on the forums for the Chinese site Weiphone (Google Translation) over the weekend that purports to show the specs of the upcoming 13-inch version of the MacBook Pro. While the new specs do show some improvements over previous models, it’s not exactly the major upgrade recent rumors have suggested.

According to this information, the MacBook Pro will be getting a 2.5GHz Ivy Bridge processor, an improved FaceTime camera, and a few other goodies. But there’s no hint of a retina display, or of the much thinner body we’d heard the MacBook Pro would be getting.

 Check out the image for yourself below (Click to enlarge) :

New MacBook Pro?

While definitely an upgrade, this MacBook Pro is an incremental upgrade at best. If these specs are accurate, the new MacBook Pro won’t be nearly as impressive as previously thought. There are a couple of reasons, though, to suspect this information. First and foremost, it goes completely in the face of everything we’ve been hearing about the MacBook Pro for over a month. Besides that, there’s the fact that the Mac line is well overdue for the kind of updates that the rumor mill has been predicting. While Apple could delay updating the Mac lines, it wouldn’t be wise, especially in light of the continued stagnation in the PC market. While the Mac continues to outgrow the rest of the market, a fact Tim Cook mentioned repeatedly during Apple’s last earnings call, they can’t stay ahead of the curve by only releasing incremental upgrades every couple of years.

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