Friday, 17 January 2014

Apple and Samsung own 2/3rd of Smartphone Market in US

According to a recent study from NPD, Motorola, HTC, and BlackBerry were among the losers in the last quarter.

The iPhone 5S officially lands at China Mobile on Friday.

According to a recent study from NPD, Smartphones from the top two manufacturers made up 68% of the US market. Apple's iPhone franchise made the larger gain, rising to 42% in the fourth quarter. Samsung's share rose to 26% in the fourth quarter from 22% a year ago.

From the graph we can see that both companies saw their shares gain whereas other competitors saw a decline in their shares. BlackBerry, unsurprisingly, was the biggest loser, with its share down by nearly two thirds, according to NPD. Motorola and HTC were two other losers. LG was the only other top handset manufacturer to see some gain in their share.

NPD said that the share shift comes as smartphone usage has increased to 60% from 52% in the previous years. In addition, data usage has grown to 6.6GB per month from 5.5GB per month a year ago.

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