Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Verizon Data Breach Report Available as a Free iBook

Verizon Data Breach Report Available as a Free iBookVerizon’s 2012 Data Breach Investigations Report was released as a PDF back in March, but now those interested in the world of digital espionage can kick back and read the report on their iPad, as Verizon is releasing the entire report as an iBook. The report revealed that Anonymous “hacktivism,” is on the rise worldwide. “Hacktivism” is generally understood to be system security breaches by individuals or groups motivated by political disagreement or protest.

The iBook is only available in English, but Verizon states that the iBook format is more easily digestible than the PDF. Charts and graphs in the report have been placed closer to their reference text and they can now be interacted with for a zoom-view. Users can also now search through the text more easily to find specific topics.

“Earlier this month, we announced that the full ’2012 Data Breach Investigations Report’ is available for the first time in six additional languages, and now we are delivering an iBook version to meet the overwhelming interest in the report from the business and security communities,” said Wade Baker, director of risk intelligence for Verizon. “Today users have multiple ways of getting to our data and using it to make better informed security decisions as well as to bolster their security defenses.”

This year’s report is Verizon’s fifth annual Data Breach Investigations Report. It includes analysis by the Verizon Research Investigations Solutions Knowledge (RISK) team of 855 data breaches and over 174 million compromised records. The report can be downloaded now in the Apple App Store or through iTunes.

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